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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Backwards and Forwards

So I took some time off from scrapbooking, crafting, blogging, and general computer activities - I didn't watch videos, listen to podcasts or look at other people's blogs... and I will admit, it is hard to get going again.  And just when I was starting to feel the urge to go get creative, I went to my desk and had approximately 1 square inch of clean space.  Hmm.  Hard to create in such a mess.  So, it being a new year and all, I have made a few resolutions... not that I am all that uptight about resolutions!

Looking backward over this past year, I am excited that I accomplished some "resolutions" from last year.  I started (and maintained) this blog.  As a result of blogging, I felt more committed to producing layouts and cards, and so created a lot more projects in this past year than I expected.  Yay. I also wanted to read more, which I have done.  Another yay.  Not quite so much with the ever present goal of eating healthier and moving more.  I think that gets a nay for the past year... we will keep it on the list!

I've been watching videos of all of the new products coming out at the CHA tradeshow (Craft and Hobby Associaiton) and although I have been better about using supplies I have, I have to admit I am tempted by the new stuff coming.  So cute.  If you want to be inspired to create and want to see some cool new products for scrapbooking, home decor and card making, head to to see the videos they produce about all of the new goodies.  I think their videos are the best (especially the ones with Tim Holtz).

This year I resolve to get creating, get organizing and get healthier!  How about you?

Looking forward to a great year!



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