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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Joined the Crazy bird craze

So I resisted those darn Tim Holtz "Crazy Bird" stamps for like a year (Ok, so they probably didn't even hit the shelves until January 2015... but it felt like forever) and then they came out with accessories for the birds and I couldn't resist any longer.  The birds are just so cute and fun to color and stamp and "accessorize!"

I happened to have some hot pink crepe paper strips on my desk and it just screamed to be made into a tutu for the bird.  I was hand cutting the birds, but there was a die set for them and my sweet husband encouraged me to get it - what a difference! (Yay Stamp Asylum for always having just what I "need").  The detailed cuts are awesome.  I can't wait for the die set to come out for the accessories - I'm still cutting those out by hand (balloons, hat, present, flowers, hearts... bunny ears, paint brushes, candy canes etc!).

I need to figure out how to make cards in a more standard fashion so that each card doesn't take me hours to make!  Each piece was pretty fast to  make, but I had a hard time figuring out how to put it all together!  I think I've got it now.

Now I see why everyone was blowing up the internet with "Crazy Bird" images!

Hope you can get crazy today!



Chary Deiling said...

Welcome to the fold!! Your cards a so cute!!

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