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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A case of "at"...

Sometimes I don't know where to stop at.  I know I said that if we just keep working on a  project eventually it comes around.  But sometimes it doesn't.  I'm not loving this card.  I just kept working on it and adding things and taking them off, and searching for products to go with it, until it's just over done out of balance and not what I wanted.

I was experimenting with using spray mist to paint stamped images and I was going to run a sentiment or something along the center of the card.  That might be the first problem - I just didn't have a focal point planned.  I tried a large three dimensional butterfly, but the scale was all wrong (it was too big for the card) so I pulled it off.  Then I tried a rectangular image, but I didn't like the sentiment.  So I found the small square bird and I stitched it on.  But then it really needed more, so I added another stitched piece.  Now it feels out of balance, so I added a sentiment and sequins and a double layer of purple background paper and so on!  Yeah.  I didn't know where to stop at!

But it is what I've got for today and I will use this as adding to my experience... what is that quote from Mark Twain?  Something along the lines of, "Good judgement comes from experience.  Experience comes from bad judgement."  It's just a card and I'll still send it - I'm just not going to sign it! haha

And I want to keep doing something to the card to "fix" it, but I am just going to be done with it!

Hope you create something you love today!



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