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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Little bits and pieces

I often think of the line from a Calvin & Hobbes cartoon, "There's never enough time to do all the nothing you want!"  Ha, so true.  Or in my case, never enough time to do all the crafting I want.  I'd like to scrap all day and ignore everything piling up in the house - but it's just not possible.  And in this last week, we have jumped in and taken on an exchange student from France for the rest of the school year.  A replacement child for the one going to college?  Perhaps.  He needed a home and we have the room and the ability to do it.  He is a really nice kid and I think it's going to be a great experience for all of us.  But as a result of all of this excitement, the crafting has taken a back seat.

I listened to a podcast from The Scrap Gals (a recommendation from where they were talking about ideal conditions to scrapbook.  Clean house, no responsibilities, no laundry, hahaha.  I subscribe to the Mrs. Crafty Adams philosophy, that you just need to do it!  You can't wait for the ideal time, because it may never come.  I like to try and get a few minutes in here and a few minutes in there (sounds like Dr. Seuss) and just do something!  Just getting little bits and pieces of the layout finished whenever I can.  This layout is coming together quickly (in my mind) but it's taking some more time to ink the edges, glue down the pieces and finish up!  Here is the layout in progress.  Pardon the lousy photos... I still haven't implemented Lisa's tips and tricks for photographing layouts.

Hope you can find time to get a little bit or a small piece of crafting done!



Izzy Anderson said...

Your layouts are super cute and I especially love the fun banners. They give a great sense of movement and whimsy!

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