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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A dog's life

I recently had to say goodbye to one of my dogs.  I knew it was coming sooner rather than later, but even so, it seemed sudden and traumatic.  She was my dog and she had eyes only for me.  So I am sad.  Especially at meal time.  She never missed a meal and made sure I was putting dinner out for all of the dogs precisely at 7am and 5pm.  I keep forgetting to feed the other three now that she is not here to remind us!

One of the layouts I did for the LOAD (Layout a Day) challenge in February (and I missed the 28 complete layouts in February by a mile... but I did maybe 14 layouts... a little more if you count a two page layout as 2... so I am really happy!) was about my dogs and how we ended up with four.  So glad to have this story recorded.

Our theme for this day was to be inspired by a fairy tale.  Okay, so I twisted it a little.  I couldn't really get into the fairy tale motif, so I made it a "Furry Tail" instead.  Having this challenge inspired me to produce a story based layout (starting with the story I wanted to tell rather than documenting an event that happened) and made me glad to document the reason we are crazy enough to have four (sigh, three) dogs!

Hope you can share a story today!



Chary Deiling said...

What a good idea!! The layouts adorable and the story idea is awesome

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