Best. Mascara. Ever

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Best One Ever!

Okay, so it is not about the best scrapbook layout ever (although, I do like this one), it is about the best husband ever!  The other night he (out of the blue) stood up and grabbed one of my old scrapbooks out of the bookcase.  We sat together and looked at pictures from 2002 and 2003.  It was so much fun to reminisce over the pictures, the stories and the memories!  I read my little snippets of journaling and was reminded of so many experiences.  I was so glad to have the books.  And I didn't spend anytime critiquing my scrapbook "style."  I enjoy making the pages, I love looking through the books, and I really love sharing them with other people.  I don't love every layout, but I love being able to jog my memory with all of the stories and people that appear in my albums.

So this layout today is for my cute husband!  Thanks for reminding me why I love to scrapbook and for always giving me "encouragement!" and support.

Hope you can share your stories with someone today!



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