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Monday, April 6, 2015


It's funny how once you start thinking about a word, it seems to pop up everywhere.  I've been thinking about connections and how it seems that we all have a drive and a need to make connections - with the past, with each other and maybe even future generations.

It's one of the reasons I enjoy scrapbooking.  I can connect with my own family and our stories, but I can also connect with other people and enjoy finding out their stories.

I'm taking (another) class from May Flaum on making vacation albums.  It's been a really great class which has sparked some fun ideas.  This is a layout which captured a lot of pictures from our day trip to Florence and came together pretty fast.  It's definitely inspired by one of May's layouts.

I was able to crop a lot of the photos without compromising the image and fit a ton of photos on the layout.  I'll probably add a little journaling along the bottom, but the title kind of says it all!

Hope you can make some connections today!



pepper said...

Lovely! I wish I have time to make some 2 page spreads too :)

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