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Friday, August 1, 2014

Energized by classes

I've just discovered there is a whole world of online scrapbooking.  There are classes, videos, and even podcasts - who knew?  I've wanted to have a blog since 2008.  Yup.  I made one post and felt intimidated and it's taken this long to try again.  I'm not sure how to post pictures, participate in forums and interact with people online without feeling a bit like a creeper.  But, I am making progress.  I found the Paperclipping site and their podcast the Paperclipping Roundtable from YouTube videos on new products and since then, I have taken classes at Big Picture Classes, May Flaum Camp Scrap and some others.  I am having a blast.  I'm learning new techniques, playing with my embellisments (and acutally using them on layouts!) and cranking out layouts and cards.  I'm having a harder time taking pictures and uploading them.. but baby steps.

Here are a few layouts I've been working on.


Emily Adams said...

Love all the little bits you used on these pages. Beautiful!

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