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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Sunshine and Roses

We are traveling in Menton, France (near Monoco) to drop our son off at college this week.  (I know, not a bad place to be going to school).  The town is right on the beach and is beautiful.  It is an incredible opportunity for our son to be heading here to school for the next two years through Columbia University.  He will finish in New York for his last two years.  It is all so charming and rich in color and texture, I am itching to create layouts about this experience.  It is so inspiring to be here.

I brought (lugged) my Nikon D3100 here and am so glad I made the effort.  The iphone takes great pictures, but not as good as the Nikon.  I can take a much wider range of pictures with a better success rate with the Nikon than with my phone.  There are two classes that I think I will try and take at this fall.  One is all about using the SLR out of automatic mode because it is a waste to have all of that power and not fully use it.  The other class is about getting more out of your iphone photos.  They both sound like interesting classes to take.

I did not bring anything other than my ipad (with my husband's ZAGG keyboard - this thing rocks!) which poses a wee problem with posting my pictures.  I have no way to transfer the pictures from my camera to my ipad - at least not with me this time and apparently, I don't have all of the correct apps and whatnot to get my pictures from my photostream.  I did mention I was technologically challenged in one of my posts, right?  More lessons to learn... just not today!  I'm going to sit back and enjoy my caffe au lait and watch the world go by.  I might just get a crepe or a croissant to nibble as well.

More posts when I return home.



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