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Thursday, August 7, 2014

It's harder than it looks

Getting started with a blog is harder than it looks.  I thought it would be so easy to create a cute header, upload photos of my layouts and write a quick post everyday.  Well, the technology aspect of trying to create the blog (even within blogger) was a bit too technical for me... so I hired my son, who then recommended one of his friends to help.  I feel a little better that it is taking the kids longer to figure it all out than they expected.

I went and took pictures of all of the layouts I have completed (but not yet put in an album) and even that took longer than anticipated and then I have discovered that it looks better if I take the time to crop the photos in iphoto before uploading them.  A definite learning curve.

And I don't really want to start promoting my blog until it is ready.  So I am practicing with a few blogs, but nothing very consistent.  If you've found me, I hope you will stick with me for a bit until I work out all of the kinks!

In the mean time, here are some layouts I created after "attending" the May Flaum Camp Scrap on-line classes.


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