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Friday, August 15, 2014

Maybe not everyday

I would love to say I am going to post to my blog everyday, but I am guessing it's just not realistic.  You may not want to even want to read a post everyday!  I think a lot of people who blog (would that be a blogger?) have moved away from blogging and started posting on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest (and probably some I haven't even heard of).  Of course, I am a day late and a dollar short coming into the blogging sphere, but I am choosing this format because #1) I have a lot to say (apparently) and #2) I am hoping to start a dialog with new, online buddies.  However, to post a comment, you have to open my blog feed on the browser (listen to me, don't I sound like an expert?) and not just have it downloaded to your email.  The blog looks prettier from the webpage, so I hope you check it out every now and again.

My tech guy (read: my son's friend Eddie) not only got my blog up and running and looking pretty, he also TAUGHT me how to add, widgets, favorite sites, and pages (I have added a layout page and a cards page and will add a random photo page next... I haven't uploaded all of the content to these pages yet, but I am working on it).

I am traveling next week (taking my son to college... in France) and we are making a trip of it.  I will try and post some pictures from there.

For today, just a random photo I snapped this morning... just trying to get all of the laundry (and there is a rather large quantity of it) while my furry friends felt the need to keep me company.  I could barely fit in the laundry room with all of them for company (and the fourth one is around the corner).  Four dogs.  Seriously.  Who does that?


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