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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

You know you are a scrapbooker when...

It's kind of obvious that you are "crafty" when you have ink stained fingers (no, it's not nail polish - it's Tim Holtz Distress ink!), mist and paint stains on your white pants and glitter on your nose!  Sometimes I just stare at the blank page in front of me, somewhat paralyzed to begin.  "What if's" swirl through my head… what if I mess up, what if it doesn't look good, what if these colors are ugly together.  And of course, the answer is, so what!  It is just paper and maybe some time if it doesn't work.  Often, my best designs come from covering up a mistake.  Many times my project goes from bad to worse but if I keep working on it, suddenly it comes through looking great and like I meant it.  Ha,ha.  I have thrown out a few experiments gone awry and the world kept spinning and no one was the wiser.  It's still fun to make a mess.

This layout was inspired by one of May Flaum's classes - I think it was the stencil class on backgrounds.  I have been obsessed with the Tim Holtz stencils (not surprising!) and have been collecting them from my local store, The Stamp Asylum.  I was mainly trying them out as techniques on cards, until I took this class at and saw the possibilities for using stencils on scrapbook layouts as well.  I've definitely been experimenting and mixing up my scrapbook layouts - and enjoying every minute.

I love May's classes because they are "process videos" where she shows you how she designs, not just a great finished product at the end.  I love that she will commit to products (i.e., glue them down) and then a few minutes later (before that glue dries) she is pulling them up and moving them or adjusting them.  If she makes a mistake, she goes with it or covers it up, and the end results are terrific.  It's real.  I think sometimes people stop creating because they feel like everything has to be perfect and designed.  I'm letting it go and just enjoying what I create.  Enjoy the process… (I figure Enjoy the Journey is over used).



Emily Adams said...

That background is gorgeous! Love the stars.

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