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Sunday, August 10, 2014

I am a dinosaur

I know in the scrapbooking world I am considered a dinosaur.  I still scrapbook chronologically, I use 4x6 photos (often cropped down, but always printed in 4x6), double-page spreads, and multiple photos.  I don't do "pocket" pages or Project Life.  Although I may be event heavy still, I have branched out to include everyday moments and more story inspired layouts.  I think my head would explode if I didn't have this structure to fall back on.  Single photo, beautiful works of art are fun to make, but don't really help me capture my stories - I do make them sometimes as the title page in my album or in conjunction with a second page with multiple photos.

I have a friend (you know who you are ;) and I hope you don't mind me sharing) that feels so overwhelmed by "being behind" by years and thousands of photos.  My feeling on that is two fold.  I look at it like I have a lifetime of fun cropping ahead of me.  I will never run out of inspiration for what to scrapbook.  And, I will enjoy reliving all of those memories all these years later.  Remember when you could choose the cute clothes your kids wore??  The distance also helps weed out what is really important.

But, on the flip side, if it is so overwhelming that you can't start, maybe it's time to change the approach.  Stacy Julian at Big Picture Classes ( has a great system along the lines of creating an album by category: People we Know, Things we Do, Places we Go… and she creates stories that go in those categories.  She connects her stories- maybe using a photo from ten years ago with one from today showing change or growth.  She has lots of great "classes" at Big Picture Classes.  I've taken several now.  Love to pull from these ideas.

I'm attaching a layout I made about Christmas morning from several years ago… I just made this layout in 2014.  What fun to think about Christmas in August.  And if I want, I can make a layout (maybe a single page to go at the end of my album) that looks at Christmas morning for the last five years… hmm, that sounds like fun.


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