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Thursday, August 14, 2014

It's embarrassing but...

It's embarrassing for me to admit it, but I'm crafty.  But there. I've said it.  When I tell people I like to scrapbook, the usual response is, "How do you find time for THAT?!?  I just could never find the time to do that."  And by their tone, you pretty much know they mean it is a big waste of time.  So I don't often tell people.  Haha, except now I have a blog.  So the secret is out.  I guess my feeling is that we make time for the things we like doing.  It's just that there is so much out there that is worthy and we can't do it all.  If I could take "just 30 minutes a day" for all I wanted to do, I'd be gone before my list was over.  Think of all of the things you and/or your friends are interested in: healthy eating, exercise, reading, spirituality, meditation, yoga, travel, photography, cooking (oh thank heavens that is my husbands area of interest!), marathons (or even Ironman's!), music, technology etc etc etc. and I'm not even scratching the surface - it all takes TIME.  But if you love it, it doesn't feel like a waste of time.  So I admit it.  I like crafting.  I have to confess that I wailed and cried a little each time one of my scrapping buddies found something else to do with their time.  I tried to hold on.  I didn't want to let go. It's just that it is more fun with friends.  So I am looking for new, online, crafty friends I can talk "shop" with.

I especially like looking at my pictures and remembering the stories that go along with them.  It is amazing how fast the story behind the pictures disappear.  I like taking the incredible volume of pictures we have from our life (you know, the picture of your dinner at a restaurant, the shoes you want to buy for your kids but need to text a picture to get their approval, the picture of our flag on a beautiful sunny day) and connect the stories to the pictures.  I am taking a class (I know, I know, I've been taking a lot of classes) from called Inspired Scrapbooking with Stacy Julian.  Learning to provide context for a small sampling of those millions of photos we all have is what I enjoy.  The books are for me, but I hope my family will enjoy them for a long time...even if they have to scan those 50lb books someday!

Here is a peek at another one of my layouts.  I have several layouts related to this trip we took to Italy and some have lots of journaling and some (like this one) has very little.  All together, it makes a nice memory of our trip.

I hope you can make time to do something you enjoy today.  (And if you are my hubby, I hope that something is a tasty dish for dinner!)


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