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Monday, September 22, 2014

A bit of planning

I took my first "in person" class (in other words, not online) yesterday at my favorite local store, The Stamp Asylum.  It was so much fun, I met some crafty people, I made four awesome cards, and I learned some things - always a bonus.

I was a little apprehensive about taking a class because, unlike a scrapbook weekend where you are all working on your own pages, in this class we were all going to be making the same thing.  I wasn't sure how that was going to work.  But it was fun to use the class kits (everything was pre cut by the teacher - Richele Christensen - and did I mention she is part of the Tim Holtz team?  Automatic "rock star") so we just got to play with the inks and distress tools and glue.  No thinking involved.  Just relaxing.  It was like following a recipe (although I don't find that relaxing!) with the teacher there to answer questions.

Here is the card we made following Richele Christensen ( techniques:

Her card is full of details and layers.  It inspired me to create my own cards using her card as a template or "recipe" for my own designs.  Here is the card I made using hers as my inspiration:

Different, yet the same!  Here is what I learned from doing this on my own (no precut, ready to assemble parts):

You can never own too much Tim Holtz product! It is all good.
Don't glue/tape too early - plan a little bit first.  Embossed paper is hard to peel up to add ribbon behind it… um, don't ask how I know this!
The Tim Holtz distress tool really is better.  I now own one.
If you are using text paper with a die cut, you might want plan which direction the text will cut (so it is not sideways!)
Inking the edges of all those little pieces really does make it better.
The Distress Kraft Core paper is amazing - you can emboss and sand it to bring out the kraft color (see orange) and use it as the card base (see the dark brown).  The inside of the card is Kraft colored - easy to write on.
The Vagabond die cut machine is AWESOME! 
Don't wait to sign up for classes at Stamp Asylum - so fun.  

Hope you can get crafty today!



Lisa Rukin Swift said...

This is so pretty! I haven't taken a class in forever. :)

Emily Adams said...

Great use of layers and texture. Love your interpretation. Looks like you really got a lot out of the class.

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