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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Confessions of a blog stalker

As you may or may not know, I wanted to start a blog for about 10 (or more) years, but just could never quite figure out how to just get it done.  In those many years, I started following several blogs consistently.  I never posted a comment.  Not once.  I feel like I know the people I follow (which I admit, sounds a bit creepy).  I've seen them through the births of their children, a divorce, discovering their child has special needs, new romance, life changes, new jobs and so on.  And of course, there was crafting ideas, lessons and examples too.  It is just a great start to my day.  But I feel badly now (now that I am a blogger, ha) that I never commented.  I never opened myself up to making those connections online.  I've started commenting now (because I love it when someone comments on my blog) and am happy that I can start developing these new relationships.

I'm excited that I have signed up for a REAL, in person, class at my favorite local store (The Stamp Asylum) on die cutting.  Looking forward to learning some new techniques and meeting some other crafty people.

Here is the card I made this morning... back to summery colors!  Had to change the thread in the sewing machine from black to white, which didn't even slow me down since I have pre-done bobbins. Who knew there was such a wonderful invention?  The slow down came with the picture taking - not sure it came out the best, but it's done and you get the idea!

Happy crafting!



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