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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Where does the day go?

I mean seriously, we wake up, everybody scrambles out the door (it doesn't matter how early we get up - it is always a scramble to make it out with everything in hand!) and the next thing I know it is the end of the day!  haha.  At least it feels that way!  I, of course, plan on exercising (so far that is a fail) but instead sit at the computer.  Oh, yes.  Well that explains everything, I think!  I watch a crafty video or class, post on Facebook (not scrappy stuff there) and sit and write a blog post.  There goes the morning!  Afternoons are spent trying to wrangle laundry, keep up with dishes, dogs and did I mention laundry?  Any errands that need to be done (Mom, I need a compass for my math homework and math test today!) and any hope of crafting needs to be squeezed in the afternoon before everyone is back home.  Between school activities, homework and after school activities the evening is done.

But I love it and wouldn't have it any other way.  I love a statement by Stacy Julian (long time expert in scrapbooking and Big Picture Classes owner/teacher) where she says something along the lines of, "Day by day nothing changes, but when you look back everything is different."  Pretty profound.  Makes me happy to be capturing moments in time with this hobby.

Here are some moments in time with my mom and daughter.  So glad we took some "girl" pics in addition to our family ones.

I used a Scrap Room kit ( for this page, as well as some chipboard pieces I painted and stamped.  I painted and stamped them prior to working on the page with no idea how or when I was going to use them and yet they seemed to work great on this (the very next layout I worked on).  

Hope you can enjoy a piece of your day today!



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