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Monday, September 8, 2014

Do you have a weird shopping list?

I think I must confuse all of the programs designed to track your spending habits.  As a scrapbooker (or just a crafty person) I have some weird items on my shopping list for someone in my demographic.  I purchase baby wipes (yeah, so past needing those for babies!) to clean up just about anything in the craft room, make-up sponges to use with acrylic paint, Swiffer duster sheets to clean up glitter (a trick passed along from - she is an amazing card maker), coffee filters to contain glitter mess (even though I am a coffee snob and use my Nesspresso or Keurig to make coffee), a cutting board (so not for cooking!) for watercoloring, and painters tape (so not for painting walls) to hold projects in place while stenciling, painting or altering in some way!

I've been wanting to use glitter on this intricate butterfly die cut for a while now and last night I experimented.  (Side note: the first time I tried this project I did not have the correct double sided tape and the project was an epic fail!  Use good quality double sided tape like Elizabeth Craft Design. Thank you Monica at Stamp Asylum for directing me to the tape and for the advice to always use good quality tools!)

I'm not going to tell you that I was entirely successful in containing the mess.  Jennifer McGuire made it look easy to be neat... I did have some glitter in unexpected places when I was done.  But given the amount of colors and glitter I was using, I think I did okay.  I was also down to my last 1 inch strip of swiffer cloth, which didn't help!  I think the butterfly came out pretty cute and the glitter is definitely adhered well.  After adhering the double sided tape to a scrap of cardstock, I die cut the butterfly using my Vagabond machine (love this machine!).  I then pulled pieces of the transfer paper off (to expose the sticky tape) and applied glitter to the exposed areas.  I did one color at a time.  So anything I wanted light green I pulled off the transfer paper and then rubbed in the glitter with the bone folder.  I put excess glitter (which was contained in a coffee filter) back into the jar.  After rubbing the color in quite firmly, I then used the Swiffer duster to wipe off excess from the die cut butterfly and moved on to the next color.

Lessons learned: I should have done the two lighter colors (yellow and lime green) last instead of first.  I should have had the duster cloth on hand to clean  between colors (you can cut the cloths into strips - a little goes a long way). I should have taken pictures of the process.  And finally, I learned that once you open glitter, the genie is out of the bottle!  It is awesome and fun to create with and you will want to use it again and again, but you will have glitter showing up in unusual places.  Forever.  But I am ok with that.

Here is my project (so far):

It has so much more sparkle in real life!  Guess I need some photography classes now.  These were just taken with my iPhone though because it is just so easy.  Now I just need to put it on a card (or maybe a scrapbook layout).  I love playing with techniques and making backgrounds and embellishments... I am just more challenged in making it a complete project!

Any items on your shopping list that might confuse someone?



Emily Adams said...

Ha! I think I've bought most of those products for craft purposes lol! The butterfly is beautiful!!

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