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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Just like cooking

I kind of think scrapbooking is like cooking.  (Except that I LOVE scrapbooking and not so much on the cooking front).  You have a bunch of ingredients (or scrapbook supplies) you mix and match them and BAM you have a dish or a layout completed.  People often wonder how I can possibly enjoy scrapbooking and I have to wonder how people can enjoy cooking.  But I think in both instances, it's just fun to create something.  (Ok, so you may have some burned dishes or some messy craft pieces, but it is still fun!).  I love spending time in my craft room and (thank goodness) my husband enjoys spending time in the kitchen.  Just like one can use recipes for cooking, there are sketches for scrapbooking.  You can follow them exactly (which somehow I can never do - with either cooking or scrapbooking!) or you can use them just as inspiration.

So while my husband was mixing up a yogurt chicken marinade (which is oh so yummy) I whipped up this birthday card for my girlfriend.  And I used the glitter butterfly I blogged about yesterday.  Oh yeah.  Used up one of my technique pieces.  I am so happy.

I collected various papers from my "scraps" pile that had similar colors to my butterfly and then layered them using a Lawn Fawn die cut set that puts the faux stitching on the edge... then I actually stitched the smallest layer to the larger layers.  The circles were left over from another project where I had sprayed mists in various colors (and then punched the circles out of the leftover scrap pieces). I chose the button because it had all of the same colors and I like the saying too!  My embossing was not the best since I had already glued everything down before deciding to emboss (kind of like getting halfway through a recipe and having it say "with the reserved flour" - what, I was supposed to save some of it out??).  But it worked.  I was running late for lunch with the birthday girl, so the one picture I took of the card is all I have.  It really is more sparkly (is that really a word?) in real life!

Hope you can spend time doing something you enjoy today!



Lisa Rukin Swift said...

So pretty! Your girlfriend will love it. :)

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